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D2C Experience

From Manufacturing to Customer Delight

  • Define Workflows. Automate Operations.
  • Consolidate Sales Info. Get Holistic Views.
  • Streamline Production. Expedite Deliveries.
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D2C Applications
Order Management


Order Management System

Consolidate your orders across all sales channels into a single direct to consumer platform. Add intelligence to recorded data and monitor order and fulfillment. Cut down on over and under stock scenarios.

Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management

Define workflows and automate supply chain by connecting production, delivery, and logistics on one platform. Build a resilient supply chain to boost efficiencies and expand your reach direct to consumers.

Customer Engagement


Customer Engagement

Leverage on customer purchase patterns and preferences to recognize customer’s AHA moments and pain points to serve them better. Personalize offers in just a click.

Reports and Smart Dashboards


Reports and Smart Dashboards

Transform your data into meaningful insights via machine learning. 100+ customizable reports that enable data-backed intelligence and organizational favourable decisions to kick-start your direct to consumer brand.

One Platform. A Complete Ecosystem.

Our easy-to-use D2C eCommerce software enables you to leverage on technology to expand operations, while comprehensive reports and data insights ensure you take intelligent decisions, in real-time.

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Easy Onboarding

A simplified onboarding process that takes just a few hours to get your direct to consumer brand up and running on our platform.

Cloud-Based Solution

Our D2C eCommerce software lets you connect from anywhere, via any device, at any time. Expand locations and add users with ease, just via a new login credential.

Customized Pricing

Mix-n-match, pick your required features and create custom solutions for your direct to consumer brand. Create your own pricing by handpicking from varied modules and features.

24/7 Support

Our experts are available round-the-clock as an extended IT team for you. The dedicated account manager is always available for any hiccups that you may have.

Your Omnichannel Enabler

More than ever, now is a need for a personalized customer experience and for your business to stand out as a ‘preferred brand’.

With Logibricks providing a robust and integrated D2C e-commerce platform to align your production, operations, delivery, sales, and customer engagement – all you need to do is simply plug-n-play to move from an already digitally native brand to direct to consumer brand operating in an omnichannel-ecosystem.

Dispatch Management

Integrate effortlessly with 3PLs and build better routing and capacity planning. Monitor all deliveries and diversions via one single dashboard. Seamlessly sync with vendors, drivers, and delivery team for a hassle-free delivery directly to the customers.

Dispatch Management

Factory Operations

Monitoring production at each stage on the shop floor till the QC – you are empowered to do it all on the Logibricks D2C e-commerce platform. Simplified check on projected vs actual consumption, ease-of-identification and inspection of losses, and monitoring of outsourced job work via dedicated dashboards for your direct to consumer brand.

Factory operations

Inventory Movement

Monitor inventory movement in real-time. Define reorder values, automate replenishment, get notified before the expiry of perishable items, forecast sales, and plan stock to cut out over and under stock scenarios. Track sales and stock for promotional products separately and take informed decisions in real-time.

Inventory Management

Offline Sales

End-to-end automation of offline operations to accelerate sales. Work with branch stores and franchises and access uniform data in real-time. Secure orders from institutional leads and manage quotations, orders and dispatches for your direct to consumer brand.

Offline Sales

Accounting and Reconciliations

The dedicated accounting, taxation and bank reconciliations modules simplify cash flow management for retailers. Manage budgets, cost centers, journal entries and get access to financial reports that comply with GST terms. The solution is backed by a sophisticated banking system that accepts multiple payment methods enabling a strong financial structure.

Accounting and Reconciliations


All-in-One Integrated Platform

Vishwesh Deshpande, Founder

Since we started using Logibricks Retail software a year back, one thing we have been able to achieve is- flexibility. And yet being connected! Flexibility in terms of access from anywhere, the addition of devices, users, locations - all we need to do is just plug-n-play.

Mithul Etta, Director

Our entire operations at Farmlinks is operated off the system that is built by Logibricks. In essence it's the core of the business. We use it to bill our customers, run our analytics and make accurate and quick decisions. We recommend this to all retailers who are looking for the automation for their day-to-day processes to grow their business. The support from the LB's team is another reason for the recommendation. They are always there to help.

Intelligent. Comprehensive. Integrated.

Single Platform for Varied Sectors

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