An Interactive Chat with Ankita Sahu

Posted on December 9th, 2020
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An Interactive Chat with Ankita Sahu

With a passion to excel and the curiosity to learn more, I, Ankita Sahu, joined Logibricks in 2018. My valour and determination to conquer new heights made me a perfect fit in this growing company.

I joined the team as a Business Analyst and have completed over 1.7 years with the company as on today. It brings me immense pleasure to introduce myself and walk you through my unforgettable journey with Logibricks.

My 1st Impression

My initial days were challenging while I was adjusting to new people and the environment. As I worked in different MNCs before joining Logibricks, I was apprehensive about my decision and the shift to a startup. But little did I know that this would be the best opportunity to learn new skills and enhance my personality.

Without a doubt, I have met some extremely talented bunch of people here. Their impeccable knowledge and work strategies have worked wonders for my growth. Stepping out of our comfort zones and pushing our limits is on our to-do list every day.

Efficiency and Creativity - the key at Logibricks

I am extremely proud and happy about my professional growth with the company. All the members of Logibricks believe in efficiency of work and expanding the horizon of creativity. This belief has helped me rise above my expectations. Small steps and with the guidance of my seniors I have unleashed my potential to the fullest. There is a long way to go but I have surprised myself each day at Logicbricks.

Early Days

Looking back and recalling pre-lockdown office days makes me nostalgic. I miss our lunch breaks, it was so much fun. In the first few weeks, I struggled to speak to everyone however the supportive team helped me break the ice easily. We have such a comfortable and chilled working environment that it feels like a home away from home. Not to forget, all our activities and events – it’s such a blast every time.

My Goal

Working with Logibricks has streamlined my future goals with astounding experiences. My aim is to become a project manager in near future. This company has helped me instil all the skills and characteristics to achieve my goal. I have learned different expertise apart from being a business analyst. Logibricks has given the space to be me while I learn to grow every single day. Logibricks has amalgamated my love for travelling with different business trips.

My Hobbies

I indulge myself in art and craft in my free time and also love taking trips to different places. Moreover, I love travelling and my business trips keep this hobby alive. Over the past year, I have travelled a lot and it gives a sense of freshness after each trip.

Furthermore, I want to add, If anyone wants to progress and learn new things then Logibricks is the right place. My learning and experiences at Logibricks have paved the path of a better and successful future for me.

It is difficult to express in words what the company means to me. I eagerly look forward to getting back to normal office days.

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December 9th, 2020