An Interactive Chat with Durga Kulkarni

Posted on December 9th, 2020
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An Interactive Chat with Durga Kulkarni

A geologist by profession, Durga is an efficient Business Analyst with our organization. With a short time of over a year and a few months, she realized that if you’re willing to go the extra mile, be it any role, learning opportunities are immense.

She is profoundly proud of the fact that the undertaken designation by her holds deep meaning. The work brings impact — something she had been striving to achieve since the beginning of her corporate entry.

Read on to find more about our teammate’s inspiring journey…
With her ever-cheerful problem-solving attitude since childhood, Durga has been the kind to break-down complex matters to its swift solutions. Her contributing path with our enterprise began as a wanderer with no clue whatsoever about ERP systems.

“When deciding the company you wish to grow in, you should not go for salary, designation, or similar perks. I believe – the people around us should be encouraging and inspiring for the rest benefits to fall in place.”

That’s indeed incredible with her on-going performance towards striving to achieve the company’s vision!

“Progressing currently with full force in the IT industry while professionally belonging to a completely diverse background – I feel every opportunity is worth taking up! Learning to adapt new methodologies and resolving complex obstacles at work is something I look forward to every single day”

A strong love for coffee and photography, she often adores polishing her guitar skills when her fingers aren’t configuring functions to facilitate smooth ERP management.

When questioned about challenges and understanding the Logibricks mission, Durga credits her mentor Ameya without a doubt.

“This job itself was a complete challenge for me. With no knowledge of ERP and the retail environment, working on such intricate subjects was indeed a task. But yes, with Ameya’s constant guidance and support, I grasped quickly.”

How’s life at Logibricks been for Durga?

In less than two years, she has taken up multiple responsibilities on her plate with quality deliverables.

More importantly, she feels her contribution counted towards the growth of the organization and herself.

Even with a pandemic situation with IT companies working from home, It has helped set her priorities right, handle situations, and value things beyond the paycheck.

“I want to establish myself as a proficient product manager” – the future to accomplish towards which she is working hard.

“Opt to work for a company that drives you to be progressively independent and boost your confidence! And it is important to learn the art of balancing professional & personal life commitments and fulfill both with equal determination”

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December 9th, 2020