An Interactive Chat With Yogeshwar Wagh

Posted on December 23rd, 2020
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An Interactive Chat With Yogeshwar Wagh

I was the fifth employee of Logibricks. Back in 2016, I joined as an intern and endured a journey of 3.5 years where each day added more knowledge and experience and shaped my career.

This organization has helped me witness the endless potential to tech-solutions. From a group of five people to a company of 45 people, it is a journey of remarkable achievements and memories.

Working as a Senior Software Developer, I have expanded my horizon of creativity under the guidance of my seniors. Each one here at Logibricks is on a path of accomplishments while exploring and experiencing new ways. We have a work environment that allows freedom of experiment. Our directors have extended help and support at each step of my journey.

My Memories

Talking about memories with Logibricks!

I remember, post my internship period we headed to Mumbai for a client meeting with HDFC. Without a doubt, we aced the meeting and got the project. It was a turning point in my career. Furthermore, I also became the Employee of the month and Employee of the year sometime back, it was an ecstatic moment. These ones are the fondest memories I hold of my Logibricks journey.

Future Plans

I have some vivid future plans for myself. Firstly, I want to leave no stone unturned in learning all the technologies of software development. Becoming a proficient software developer with expertise in all areas is my goal. Moreover, I also plan to have a start-up of my own. The experience of a leading a startup will be quite challenging yet fulfilling.

My Hobbies

I mostly spend my weekends playing cricket or travelling to different parts of Pune. My office mates tag along in these plans with great enthusiasm. We have also trekked to multiple ‘gads’ around Lonavala. Travelling gives me a sense of freedom and relief. Moreover, I also love singing. You might just catch me humming one of my favourite tracks while working. At Logibricks we sing together, we play together – it is one big family uplifting each other’s spirits to excel in life.


The best part of Logibricks is the training sessions. If any of our team is working on something new and different, we hold a training session for everyone. In this way, each one is well-informed with the right knowledge. Moreover, all the activities that we hold from time to time have built a team spirit amongst us.

Everyone at Logibricks is mastering new skills every day. We rightly defy the famous quote ‘jack of all, master of none’ by exploring and gaining expertise over every skill.

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December 23rd, 2020