Challenges D2C Brands Face During the Packaging Process

Posted on March 24th, 2021
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Challenges D2C Brands Face During the Packaging Process

Innovative brands in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) industry are offering consumers more than a product; they're using creative and advanced packaging to offer some unique and personalised experiences.

From toothpaste and diapers to cosmetics and foodstuffs, product packaging has always been an integral part of the overall marketing strategy for consumer products. Customers are constantly browsing, buying, and repurchasing goods in a number of ways. Brands that can adjust their products to meet customer evolving needs and innovate rapidly to thrive in the ecommerce sector.

However, with dynamic supply chains, how will primary packaging assist brands in achieving omnichannel success?

Most brands are currently torn between simplifying their supply chain and designing goods specifically for each channel. Some brands are developing unique packaging designs for every channel, resulting in more customized experiences.

Let us churn out some excruciating challenges encountered by D2C Brands during the packaging process;

  1. Sustainability is a requisite

The decision to enhance packaging sustainability has always been a trade-off for brand owners between increased expense and the brand value they can gain with environmentally conscious customers.

When it comes to designing packaging for a direct-to-consumer channel, however, the trade-off can be much easier because there are more considerations that go into the total cost of e-commerce packaging.

For example, Procter & Gamble's Tide Eco Box, recently launched in the e-commerce market is a concentrated liquid detergent packaged in 60% less plastic, and weighs 4 pounds less than the container version sold in supermarkets.

  1. Maintaining brand integrity and brand recognition

The function of packaging for an in-store channel versus an e-commerce channel is fundamentally different.

The primary purpose of packaging in a physical environment is to cut through the clutter and make a product stand out on the shelf that screams, "Choose me!"

Larger formats seize consumer attention and therefore perform well in-store. They are also much more economical considering the packaging and cost perspectives.

Colors, graphics, forms, patterns, hand-feel, stories, and fonts can all be used to catch the eye, communicate with the customer, and prompt them to make a purchase. These concerns are much less relevant for online sales, and packaging plays a minor role in the customer's initial decision. This allows brand owners who are designing packaging for the DTC channel to concentrate on factors like shipping ease, flexibility, and waste and cost reduction. They may even consider moving from heavy glass to lightweight plastic.

This ensures that wherever the product, the packaging must strengthen the brand's identity. It should also act as a reminder to customers to purchase the particular product again.

  1. Skyrocketing costs

We live in a world where everyone wants more for the same price – or maybe even less.

On the other hand, the ultimate decision-makers on the packaging - the brand owners aim for better, easier, more personalized, and stable packaging. However, even they prefer to not spend more.

In the case of packaging, the fact is that the cost of a single package should not be any higher than it is now. Three main factors influence total packaging manufacturing costs: efficiency, productivity, and costs. These vital aspects should be considered not in isolation but across the entire supply chain, from design to printing, converting and finally, packaging.

  1. Workflow Digitization

The maintenance of numerous interfaces between different equipment, as well as between the D2C brand owner, the agency, printers, and converters, is one of the most challenging tasks.

Automation can help to maximize machine uptime and allow effective communication between the person who orders the boxes, the person who produces them, and everyone else in between.

Though printers and converters put a lot of effort into selecting the most productive machines, they often overlook the overall workflow's complexity.

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To sum it up

On a global scale, there has been a boom in Direct-to-Consumer products in recent years, and the same pattern has now spread to Indian markets.

Marketers are focusing on creating a clear brand narrative and compelling tale that will entice consumers to return for repeat purchases, with packaging playing a key role.

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March 24th, 2021