How a D2C E-commerce Model Can Help Build Customer Loyalty?

Posted on January 13th, 2021
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How a D2C E-commerce Model Can Help Build Customer Loyalty?

The year 2020 has ignited the ever-evolving landscape of direct-to-customer brands. While we step into a new year, researchers and brands are contemplating whether this model will help build a base of customer loyalty?

There are multiple benefits of adopting this module and strong customer loyalty has a responsible role to play in it. D2C maximizes the possibilities of reaching the right audience without filters and obstacles.

In this blog, let us understand how the D2C brand model can help build customer loyalty.

Direct Interaction

The unleashed potential of directly interacting with the customers help understand the obstacles people face while buying the products, issues with the products and other things. Direct feedback helps brands to make changes that yield better product experience for their customers. When concerns of the customers are looked into, it creates a brand image that is responsible and cares about its customers. This will be a flag bearer to create a distinguished customer base for the brand.

Data insights

The power of turning into a D2C brand is access to customer data. The most valuable asset of a D2C brand is the data. Brands can understand the fluctuating and changing trends with the help of the data. Moreover, make changes in their marketing strategies and products to cater to what the customers want. When the brand knows what its target audience wants and delivers it with precision, a loyal customer base will be created.

Informed new innovations

Brands can incorporate customer feedback, trends and market research to unwind new product opportunities. D2C brand products have a higher ratio of doing well in the market because they know what their customers trends and market loopholes. Since D2C brands can easily spot a problem with the data insights and offer a problem-solving product to their customers. Catering to the pain points of customers will always yield success and expand customer base.

Omni-channel platform

Customers have the freedom to buy from any channel they wish to according to their different situations. An omnichannel approach can expand the customer base to different levels. This will build a comparatively stronger customer base.


Customization or personalization plays a vital role in establishing a loyal customer base. Giving customers the freedom to buy things in a way they wish to is the best experience to offer. As most D2C brands offer the option of customization, more customers are moving towards them. This is an effective way to build a loyal customers base.

Wider Product range

Retailers, in order to deliver products from all brands, might shorten on some products. This might take away the limelight from some of your products. Well, a D2C brand has the opportunity to showcase all of the products in the best possible light. Sometimes, customers might not know about a specific product but in the process of buying and direct interaction, they might just like it and buy it. D2C brands can flaunt style, pattern, colours and variants of different products without any limits. Giving away more things to explore and choose from is a stepping stone for a loyal customer base.

Pandemic effect

The pandemic effect has resulted in the surge of digital buying. Moreover, customers are inclined to buy directly from the manufactures while buying online. With people spending more time on the internet than ever before, it is time for manufacturers to turn to D2C. The retail supremacy is massively sinking and direct buying from manufacturers is on the rise. Many brands scripted unimaginable success stories by tuning into the power of D2C.

Best Product Information

Well, this might go unnoticed by many but product descriptions with customer reviews and photos play an essential role in building a customer base. When the buyer is informed with various details of the product with other buyers experience it adds to the buying decision of the customer. Escalated information from the manufacturer and fellow buyers will expand the horizon of the product and brand.


With retailer involvement, it is quite challenging for brands to experiment with different ideas and strategies. But D2C brands have direct interaction with their customers hence they can experiment and innovate on customer insights. Different tactics like Q&A with customers, videos about a specific kind of product – brands can note down real-time reactions and create accordingly. This is the answer to why D2C brands are performing well in the market because they know what the existing customers and target audience want.

Redefined Customer Journey

D2C brands have revamped the customer journey in every area. Responsive customer care for products, one-click payment options, easy paths to purchase, subscription-based services, customization have kept the customers as the centre of attraction. In this way, customer needs are understood and catered to in the best possible way. However, this was not possible with the intervention of a series of middlemen. Hence, D2C brands are incorporating a huge number of loyal customers.

Last words

D2C brands are effectively listening, understanding and outperforming their customer needs. This is what puts them apart from the retailer market. The modern era demands to be understood for their needs, pain points and expectations and D2C brands are doing it in the best possible way.

Well, this is how D2C brands are building a loyal customer base for themselves.

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January 13th, 2021