How are D2C Brands doing well in the Pandemic Crisis?

Posted on December 23rd, 2020
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How are D2C Brands doing well in the Pandemic Crisis?

D2C Brands are paving the way for businesses, across the board, to adopt the innovative model against a pandemic-fueled backdrop. They set a fine example of utilising top-notch technology to display creative solutions that cater to the ‘new normal’ perspectives of consumers and brands, alike.

The D2C upswing is no coincidence. It is the result of modern brand owners and business strategists performing deep investigations to arrive at consumer-led strategies. Most are based on online real-time analytics via genuine customer touchpoints.

Now is the time for a new way of thinking and doing business.

D2C brands have literally ushered a fresh culture and eased the way for other players. Not allowing COVID-19 restrictions to burst their bubble, the Indian D2C market foresees a USD 100 billion opportunities by the year 2025.

So, let’s understand the reasons for the upsurge of D2C businesses during these hard times.

Evolved Customer Behavior

When every physical, brick and mortar format came to a halt, most brands succumbed to huge losses. As a result, consumers grasped the idea of online shopping, and D2C brands were ready to serve them with essential and non-essential products and services.

Higher digital traction, increased number of customers, and repetitive purchases characterized the D2C landscape. And the soaring penetration of digital convenience has continued to keep D2C businesses on the growth curve.

D2C Brands know their Customers

Restored revenue and a growing customer base via digital means kept D2C players afloat. However, staying aligned to evolving customer preferences made these brands soar.

Without a doubt, direct-to-consumer brands know their customer base like none other. With AI-supported algorithms on consumer behaviour, D2C recognizes the ever-changing dynamics of what they like, when, why and how.

Since the very essence of D2C lies in getting closer to the customer, delivery on exact needs is a cakewalk. No second-guessing, no hoping or wondering. D2C brands know what their customers want and are poised to please them.

Plus, D2C brands have no middlemen. It’s just the brand and the customer. This makes customer tracking effortless. Capturing relevant data on prioritized products, payment modes and delivery methods have proven to be game-changers for D2C brands.

Customer Feedback

D2C brands value customer feedback and it adds to the benefit of the business. Serving the community in the best possible way with the extensive feedback process is the goal of D2C.

These brands, intrinsically thrive on customer feedback for improvements, changes, new ideas to reform their existing ways.


Safety has topped the priority list during these times and D2C brands have not shied away from fulfilling those needs. Initiatives such as hygienic packing and transport processes, sanitized, low contact doorstep delivery have transformed customer experiences.

With D2C going over and above the safety standards, customers have responded overwhelmingly, creating the perfect stage for long term loyalty.

E-Commerce Progress

The resultant consumer buzz on the digital fronts has sparked new eCommerce strategies and ideas that were welcomed by customers. Discounts, privilege packages and subscription lists have expedited the evolution of D2C eCommerce.

As armchair shopping began reaching new heights, D2C businesses scaled their production levels to meet demand. This has instilled consumer faith in a way that can predict that these customers are here for the long haul.

Better Product Trials

With the idea of traditional shopping out the window, D2C players such as Lenkart, Zivame and MyGlamm have replaced the consumer comfort zone with fresh concepts. Apps that show live product trials, no question return and replacement policies and customized product lists contribute towards making consumers feel like physical trials are no longer necessary!

When Lenskart offers buyers the chance to try on a myriad of spectacles via an app, who needs to travel to the store and take that extra effort?

With such exciting interactions, D2C brands are clearly paving a well-cushioned path for the long run.

Increase in the time spent Online

The rapid and unreal surge in the time spent online during the pandemic played a pivotal role in D2C businesses. It was easy to reach out to the customers and grab their attention during their long hours of free time. This expanded the online marketing universe and the right brands began getting organic and paid ad backed traffic.

The D2C brigade was among those to be noticed by a wide customer base. Hence, the increase in online activity was and continues to be one of the main reasons for D2C brands to flourish during the crisis.

Value Driven

In the times of crisis, the population is inclined towards a value-driven brand. The pandemic has brought awareness on how consumers choose their brands. D2C companies truly offered value to their widening customer base.

As a follow-up, they published their contributions to society. A strong bond was built with customers when these brands showcased their value additions and brand stories.

It drew in even more consumers with the best ‘pull strategy’.

Responsible Customer Support

Brands took extra care while responding to customers during the pandemic. D2C brands made sure that they brought relief and comfort to their customers suffering in the prevalent turmoil.

Brands incorporated live sessions, training sessions, contests, appreciative emails and more than uplifted customer spirits. This resulted in customers connecting with the brand on an emotional level.

Personalized Experience

Personalization is a simple offering for D2C and an easy trend to partake in. D2C brands began offering personalized cups, t-shirts, gifts, protein shakes, recipes and more. It was just a matter of what the customer liked! This has indeed made customers keep coming back to the brand.

Personalised communication via emails, gift cards, and small notes can go a long way when times are tough.

Hence, these are the ways in which D2C brands broke through restrictions during the lockdown and swooped in to rescue a drowning and helpless consumer base. With rapid adoption and advanced digitalization, D2C brands are sure to convince other businesses to follow this groundbreaking suit.

How are D2C Brands doing well in the Pandemic Crisis?

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December 23rd, 2020