Steps to take your brand Directly to the Customer

Posted on December 28th, 2020
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Steps to take your brand Directly to the Customer

The rise of businesses is proportional to direct consumer relationships and with the pandemic still holding up retail services, D2C is on the rise.

Are you also planning to take the leap of faith and make your brand a D2C business? If yes, then this is a step-by-step handy guide of how you should take your brand directly to the customer.

Changing dynamics and modern expectations of shopping and customers are not sufficed by ordering and delivery. To stand apart and make a mark in the industry you need to play the game smart way.

Here are some tips that you should consider when you launch your D2C brand.

Identify the reason

When you enter the market you should have a qualitative reason about why your product is better than others. The D2C market is booming and your customers should have valid reasons about why should they buy your products. Hence, identify a reason to step into the market is essential.

Identify the pain-points

Solve and sell! This is a major point of planning that most brands miss out on and succumb to losses. Your product should be able to solve the pain points of customers. Without this, the chances of booming as a D2C brand is skeptical. For you to solve any problem, you should first identify it. Do extensive market research related to your products and find out what are the different customer problems.

Check your competitors

Once you find a pain point, the next step is looking out for your customers. You don’t want to deliver something that already exists in the market. Even if you do you must do it better.

Look for competitors and make sure your service or product outshines the current market scenario.

Identify the product

Identify the product that you want to launch your D2C brand with. Over time you can introduce other products to your customers. But plan to have a core product that you feel will help the customers overcome their pain points. You can either make a full-fledged new product or make changes to the existing one.

Make it Affordable

Price plays the most important role for people. Adhering to the post-pandemic situations, saving money is critical for all. If your product lies beyond the budget of your target audience, it is bound to fail.

Launching an affordable product will be a smart advantage over most of your competitors.

Give Options

Customization and personalization are extremely important. For example, if you are a clothing store that is selling a pair of jeans and a shirt together but some customers want to pair those jeans with some other top, let them do it. Give them that freedom, customers appreciate customization to a very great extent.

If customers can buy what they want to in any way, they are going to come back to your brand for sure.

Start marketing before launch

Put out your content before you launch your product. You can write blogs, make Youtube videos, post on social media on how your upcoming brand or product will make life easy and better.

Keep posting and informing about your product and when the customer hype is on the top, launch your product. This is a tried and tested module and will bring success to your business.

Be relevant

Without a doubt, relevance is the driving force of e-commerce. Make sure your product and your marketing stays relevant to your customer base. Striving hard to know what your customers are looking on the internet and create content that stays relevant to your customers.

Easy buying and return policies

Most of the time consumers end up not shopping because the process was too long or too slow. You don’t want this to happen to your brand. Keep the buying process easy for customers to shop even if in a hurry.

Well, don’t forget the return policies. When customers are not familiar with new brands, a return policy builds the trust to order. They feel safe about their money if they don’t like the product they can return it. Hence, a return policy is a must for upcoming D2C brands.

Communicate with your Customers

This is the power of D2C brands! You can interact with your customers without any hurdles. Communicate with them regularly on social media, emails, websites, and many more.

A humanly touch to the brand is with direct communication. The founder or owner of the company can make a video and post it or the employees can post something and interact with the customers. But keep interacting with them.

Be open to feedback

Get feedback from your customers. You can incorporate their feedback's and empower your brand to achieve the business goals. D2C brands are booming because they know what their customers want. It is no doubt that consumers shop from direct to consumer brands because they get what they want.

Be open to feedback on channels and streamline changes as soon as possible.

Create a Brand Recognition

To become the best in business, you must earn brand recognition. Pick up one thing that defines your brand and market it with SEO campaigns. Target the keywords related to it and portray your brand as the best in business. D2C brands are known for their specialization, make sure you have one.

Market with Influencers

This may sound cliché but the investment with the right influencer can increase your sales significantly. Influencers that are relevant to your product can be a smart move. In the digital world, influencers can take your brand to a whole new level.


There are innumerable ways of marketing on the internet, these key strategies will help you achieve your business goals.

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December 28th, 2020