Tips to Accelerate Your Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

Posted on December 23rd, 2020
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Tips to Accelerate Your Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

Brands connecting with consumers directly are carving new pathways for growth amidst the pandemic. With the lockdown restrictions still surfacing, the e-commerce transition is vital.

The evident upsurge in the D2C brands exhibits the populated movement towards digital norms. Covid-19 has deprived people of retail stores and real-time shopping. Moreover, people are still contemplating the chances of stepping out concludes that D2C brands need to step up their game with new strategies and ideas.

While battling the lockdown situation devising new strategies is an engulfing task. To ease your strategizing task and get past the creative blockage, here is this handy guide.

This blog is an elaborated list of strategies that will scale up business for any D2C brand.

Online Presence

The robust functioning of work from home has led people to spend ample time on their phones. Social media surfing has skyrocketed to unusual hours during this pandemic. An approximate time of 3-4 hours is the average for more than 3 billion people.

Without a doubt, your brand should be on these social media sites. A strong social media presence with engaging content will attract potential customers to your brand.

Hence, a unique and impactful social media presence should top your priority lists.

Direct Brand Interaction

An interactive brand is more reliable. Most people visit brand websites or social media pages with purchasing intent. Direct interaction via AI chat boxes or responsive to direct messages is highly appreciated in modern times.

The customer’s journey on the brand website is led by responsive and responsible behaviour towards consumers. Smart D2C brand owners have guided consumers through an unforgettable shopping voyage.

Extraordinary Brand Experience

Secure and seamless buying and delivering process will lead to an upswing in the sales. Make your brand easily accessible to your potential customers. Well build aesthetics, focused SEO efforts, customer care service and reliable brand will create an effective D2C experience.


The most influential characteristic of a brand is its authenticity and honesty. The increasing proliferation of non-trustable brands has dug loopholes of trust issues for consumers. Furthermore, building an authentic brand that is honest to the customers is essential.

In the world of technological breaches, consumers expect brands to address the issues and act upon it accordingly. Hence, gaining the consumer’s trust and maintaining it is a smart strategy to expedite sales.

Smart Data Management

Inspecting the changing consumer behaviour with easy access to the data will help brands deliver better. Data has answers to all the ongoing and upcoming trends. Digitally enabled D2C brands to know the ongoing and upcoming trends about their customers.

Regular study of the data is crucial to meet the changing dynamics. Tapping on the potential of the data can unleash room for new strategies and execution. Hence, management of the consumer data will work wonders for D2C brands.

Easily Available Information

The internet is decked up with unfiltered information you certainly don’t want your customers to get lost. All the information related to various products and services should be available on the website. This incorporates a hassle-free experience for consumers. The attention span of humans is as less as 8 seconds hence any delay in finding the required information might cause loss of customers.

Decide where to Play

Know your customers! Address your customer’s issues, interact with them with live sessions or videos, their changing trends, most liked content, most used social media platform and more. Knowing your existing and potential customers will carve better routes to success.

Update about the Industry

Your customers expect you to have impeccable knowledge about your niche. They look up to the brand for any information or trends in the brand industry. Customers will rely on brands to enlighten them on various topics and clear all their doubts.

Hence, if your website or social media profile gives your customers regular updates about the industry news, happenings and trends it will create a strong bond with the customer base.

Hassle-Free Ordering and Delivery

The millennial population does not appreciate any blockages during the process of ordering. To make this possible you should tick off a few points –

  • Easy ordering process
  • Effectively working website – should not work slow or go down
  • Customers should be able to reach customer care easily if any issues.
  • Efficient tracking on the delivery process
  • Speedy delivery - all the products should reach the customer in the estimated time.

These steps will build a reliable and accessible ordering process for people.

Know your Competition

Before you decide your next marketing plan, make sure you study your competitors well. This research will assist in building better creativity and uniqueness for your customers.

You need to stand apart from your industry competition and this is possible only with scrutinized research.

Build your Vision

Recognize and plan your goals for the brand. Expanding into new markets, better personalization, providing better insights on the industry, more consumer interaction and a lot more can be executed to build take your brand to new levels.

Envision and execution with smartly devised strategies will enhance your brand image. Make consumer experience the driving force for your brand, it will only bring better results to your D2C brand.


Discuss the strategies with your panel and include them comprehensively to accelerate your D2C business.

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December 23rd, 2020