Logibricks Integrates with Cashfree to offer New Payment Solutions Suite to Businesses

Posted on January 29th, 2021
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Logibricks Integrates with Cashfree to offer New Payment Solutions Suite to Businesses

January 2021: Pune-based Logibricks Technologies, a leading D2C Software provider launched an enterprising collaboration with Cashfree, a next generation payment gateway company. This move will offer Logibricks’ vast customer list, an advanced Payment Gateway integration for their businesses. It is designed to facilitate collection and disbursal systems including COD collections and Offline Sales, while enabling Automated Reconciliations.

Logibricks founder, Ameya Shah explained, “Our customers can now integrate Cashfree’s cutting edge payment gateway on their websites , at better rates. Their Cash On Delivery transactions will be exceptionally supported with efficient payment links and Dynamic QR code. Plus, for brands operating via Offline Stores, the same services may be used, to enable contactless payments at the physical stores, creating highly positive customer experiences.

For our clientele’s account’s teams, there will be no more manual reconciliation issues or errors such as duplications or inaccurate information. Cashfree’s automated reconciliations will assist them with all their financial and banking transactions. This will boost their credibility and efficiency levels”.

About Logibricks Technologies

Logibricks Technologies is the leading D2C software provider in India. With its previous success in providing a comprehensive solution to Manufacturing and Retail ERP products, the D2C solution is also seeing a good acceptance in the market. Co-founded by CAs, IIM & IIT alumni with several years of experience & a passion to create great products - Logibricks was inspired by a glaring need to create an innovative ERP product for the Indian market that would be balanced between technology stack, user experience, dashboards, accounting capabilities, robust control systems & seamlessly integrated. The company aims to build an integrated value chain ecosystem for SMEs & bring about tremendous efficiency in their operations.

Logibricks' customer base includes SMEs and a few Fortune-500 companies, in India and abroad.

For further information, please contact (PR or Marketing) on info@logibricks.in


Posted on:
January 29th, 2021